We strive to make our contribution to the development of technological progress, opening up new opportunities for developers, enthusiasts and scientists in the implementation of their ideas and projects around the world. And we know like-minded people who share our mission and are ready to help develop and popularize our service.

We are proud to present our Advisory Board - the Council bringing together prominent specialists from different industries. These are bright professionals, our mentors and our supervisors who help make this service as convenient and useful as possible for subscribers.

Advisory board

John Isella
Director of International Business Development

KickYourTech is an innovative web concept to enable tech entrepreneurs and investors to connect. Long overdue web-based concept.

Victoria Taranov
Principal Software Engineering Manager

KickYourTech is a user-friendly, easy to use and intuitive platform, which provides opportunities for implementing the projects and ideas to people all over the world.

Alan Merbaum
Senior Manager International Business Development

KickYourTech is an example of innovation converging with motivation. The skilled team of this organization provides a great solution for finding financial resources for many clients. Their ability to cover the market of grant financing is amazing and ambitious, making them unique and one of a kind in this field.

There are a lot of engineers, scientists, research centers having a huge amount of ideas and technologies developed. From the other side – a lot of funds, governmental and private organizations searching for financial investments to cover technological developments, but there was no single platform uniting both of them.

We decided to fix this issue and to create an online service, which would unite developers and grant donors on one easy to use platform. We still have many ideas for improving our service and we will continue to do so. We want to create a convenient online portal, where ideas and knowledge can become a reality.


Nadezhda Shilova
Nadezhda Shilova
Nadezhda Shilova